Deutsche WertpapierService Bank AG (dwpbank) is the leading securities services provider for Germany’s financial market. With 1,250 member banks in total, more than 75% of all German banks use dwpbank’s securities settlement processes and systems. [more →]

+++ About dwpbank +++

When people talk about the subject of securities, most of them imagine hustle and bustle on the trading floor. Many people also spontaneously imagine fluctuations in sentiment on global markets, measured by jagged lines on key stock indices. What very few people know about is the complex machinery of settlement that goes on behind the actual securities business. This is where dwpbank comes into play: As a neutral process and systems service provider along the entire value chain, we are the outsourcing partner for around three quarters of all credit institutions in Germany.
Every day, dwpbank is working behind the scenes to process, at times, more than 100,000 securities transactions per day while managing around 4.8 million securities accounts. We bundle the securities business in Genossenschaftliche FinanzGruppe, already handle around 75% of the corresponding services for savings banks and state banks and settle the securities business for around 26 private and commercial banks.
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